Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Month of Thanksgiving: Day 7 {For Cousins}

a small sampling of cousins, courtesy of Mother's cousin L
Pigeon was blessed with cousins on both sides of the States. He was learning the fun of looking up to people who were much smaller than Mother and Father, but still (mostly) a bit bigger than he. He had learned to say their names, to place them with the right faces, and knew which one had sent him which toys, which hand-me-downs, which folded papers colored with hearts and letters. He treasured every scrap. He remembered which places he'd gone with each one, the things they'd together done and seen; he pointed out reminders of these memories to Mother and Father every day, pointing at some insignificant item and saying a cousin's name with a bold nod. Sometimes it took a while for Mother to place the connection, but she always did. Pigeon's memory was his own little treasure box; she was glad it was full of so many gems.


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