Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Month of Thanksgiving: Day 2 {For Leafing}

October isn't the most horrible time to be in the desert, but it might be the worst time not to be in New England. Mother's best memories of childhood were filed away by seasons. In her growing-up corner of New England, each season was felt in its fullest fury and celebrated for its brightest beauty; October sparkled especially. She was sad that, come October, Pigeon wouldn't expect the sweet smell of frost and sugar maples, or anticipate the pleasure of crunching through leaves a foot deep.

And so she was especially thankful that Thanksgiving month, that he (and she) had been gifted such a brilliant dose of New England autumn that year. The New England Grands had brought them out just in time for a proper leafing. The crunch underfoot, the sugar in the air, the frost-bejeweled pumpkin on the sunny stoop; it was all the same. Pleasant enough for Mother to enjoy on her own, but newly wondrous when enjoyed through Pigeon's eyes.

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  1. Pigeon is blessed to have a mommy who writes so beautifully!


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