Monday, November 4, 2013

A Month of Thanksgiving: Day 4 {For Mother and Father}

November 2006
Seven years ago that day, Mother and Father were married. Mother wore a white dress with a gold sash; Father wore a black suit and a champagne tie. Friends played a song of thanksgiving on piano and strings; guests ate almond cake and truffles, walnut pastries, and fruit tart to celebrate. And so began a walk down a road that was theirs, and theirs alone. Five years along the way, Pigeon joined them on their journey.

November 2011
Mother, who was far from perfect, would sometimes forget that Father, though not perfect himself, was made perfectly for her, and Pigeon for them. 

But then some trivial moment would remind her, and her heart would close to burst with thanks. She did not earn this grace.


  1. And that means that 7 years ago I truly "met" my husband, an event I'm ever grateful to you for :) Happy Anniversary!

    1. Does that mean I can take credit for your two adorable kiddos? They are too much! ;) Grateful for knowing you and Steve, Mer!

  2. And you are loved, little Pigeon...


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