Friday, March 23, 2012

{this moment} : : Pigeon and peas

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A New Spoon for Pigeon

Pigeon sat in Mother's lap and watched her eat. His eyes and mouth were open wide. He leaned his chin in whichever direction the food was, watched it disappear into Mother's mouth, then flashed her a beseeching glance tinged with despair. It seemed to him that the world was full of more colorful and delicious things to eat than plain, white milk--and they were always just out of his reach.

But you are too young, Mother tried to explain. I would share with you if I could. And she meant it. She could see Pigeon was curious, and she sensed this was good. But most things, maybe all things besides milk, were too strong for a four-month-old belly.

But then, Pigeon was nearly five months old. And the look in his eyes made Mother feel guilty. So, while Father went to the store, Mother found a package of Pigeon-sized spoons and a very small dish she could use for a bowl. Father came back with the tiniest jar of sweet potatoes he could find. Just a spoonful or two will do it, she said, stirring the orange paste into the dish.

They sat Pigeon on the table in his special blue chair with the tray and fastened a bib behind his neck to keep him clean and dry. Then Pigeon ate. He ate with gusto and joy and anticipation. And though he wasn't any expert at swallowing, it didn't take him long to finish his meal.

A few days later, Mother pulled out a new chair for Pigeon to eat in. It was larger, more comfy, with an even bigger tray for his bowl and spoon. When the potatoes were gone, Pigeon got to taste bananas. In the cupboard waited even more treats: carrots and peas, pears, and peaches... Just a few of the foods just fit for a Pigeon. Aren't we lucky, Mother said, to have so many delicious things to eat? For plain white milk was all well and good, but the rainbow of fruits that came from the earth, the textures and flavors and their endless combinations, could do more than feed the body. Food brings people together, Mother said. It certainly brought her close to her Pigeon. We must know it's a gift, she thought, and be thankful.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

{this moment} : : independence

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pigeon's Early Spring

In Pigeon's yard there is a hill. At the bottom of the hill leans a slim, young willow. The willow's branches dangle over a pond. Beyond the pond there is a thicket. The thicket borders a small, square meadow. At the edge of the meadow stands a tall, proud tree. Under the tree sits a still, brown cow. And the sun shines over them all.

The heat of the sun was a new thing for Pigeon, who had been outside many times before, but had never gone barefoot; he'd never wiggled his toes in the grass, nor felt the warm breeze delight the buttery-white skin of his arms. The sun had never been strong enough to turn Pigeon's cheeks pink or prickle his brow with sweat; he'd known only the crisp autumn air and the weak winter light.

But this week, the sun shone brave and bold and hot, and though there was a wind, it was a warm, welcoming kind that coaxed people out of their doors and buds out of their branches. Some trees wore half-sprouted blossoms like broaches; others were wrapped in a gauzy green mist. This early burst of life set the birds singing, the bees buzzing, and the daffodils blooming. After noting how unusual, how lucky and welcome the warmth was, there was nothing left to do but enjoy it. And so Pigeon and Mother went out in the yard; they walked down the hill and stood under the willow. They followed the path between the pond and the thicket, gazed at the meadow, and bowed to the trees. They sat with their faces to the warmth of the sun, as contented and quiet as the still, brown cow. And the Love shone over them all.

Friday, March 9, 2012

{this moment} : : where we live

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A March Wind for Pigeon

There was an old saying, Mother said, that March would come in like a lion, roaring and tearing things up with its restless power. On the second day of March, Pigeon was napping when the lion opened his mouth in the sky overhead and announced his arrival. His breath bent the trees to the grass and raked the sides of Pigeon's house like a thousand magnificent claws.  

Hush, little baby. It is only the wind.

But the wind gave way to the lion's roar, a sound like the sky splitting in two. Out of the crack spilled beads of ice that pelted the roof like broken glass. Pigeon watched it bounce off the concrete and collect in the cracks of the patio.

Hush, sweet angel. It is nothing but hail.

Pigeon watched the hail dissolve into a curtain of water. For a moment its rushing was all they could hear. Light like the flash from Mother's camera burst in the air over the pond, where even the water was blown to one side to make way for the hard March storm.

Hush, little one, it is just the lightning and rain.

And then, as quickly as he'd come, the lion had passed. Pigeon could hear his rumbling trail off in the distance, could see his banner of flickering light retreating.

Later Mother and Father saw pictures of a darker path March had torn to the south. They sucked in their breath at the destruction and the sadness already sewn in the spring almost upon them.

But there was another half to the saying, Mother said, that March would go out like a lamb, with a warm breath on gentle breezes and a step too light to be noticed. March would skip without guile through their yard with crocuses draped around his neck like silk ribbons, give way to April with its gentler rain and tender budding branches. Lions and lambs, storms and sun, destruction and redemption, death and life and the promise of new beginnings.

Hold on, precious child. The Light is coming.

Friday, March 2, 2012

{this moment} : : camping in

Pigeon's Mom loves this tradition begun by Amanda of Soulemama:
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