Friday, November 1, 2013

A Month of Thanksgiving: Day 1 {For the Evening Before}

October ended with Pigeon's first tricks-or-treats. Until now, he'd been too little to gather his own bucket of sweets, to walk door to door and knock or ring bells. This year, Father was working; Mother helped Pigeon carve his pumpkin. Its glowing grin filled their little just-for-now home with light and the scent of singed pumpkin. The smell of eight-years-old-in-October, thought Mother, who liked feeling so suddenly young again, instead of so suddenly old. Surprises sent from the Grands and Greats set up a happy mood. A quick, comfy costume came together just in time for them to meet up with cousins wearing cute, cuddly costumes of their own. Together they walked street upon street, accepting a treat or two in exchange for the smiles they put on the faces that answered the doors.

Children are a blessing, Mother thought the next morning.  It was the first day of Thanksgiving Month, and there was much for which to give thanks: her youth recaptured for a few hours in the scent of a jack-o-lantern and candy wrappers; the laughter on street corners following the flashes of fairy wings and capes; and family in all corners of the country, some close enough to spend an evening with.


  1. HEY PIGEON, Charlie Brown wishes he was as cute as you. How adorable you were on your first real trick or treat experience!

    1. Retta, I was surprised and delighted at how many "older" people got all nostalgic at Pigeon's costume! Definitely well-received. Best part is, it was totally Pigeon's idea. (He's been watching The Great Pumpkin about 4 times a day. We bought a copy when I realized it was way too early for him to be watching a Charlie Brown Christmas 4 times a day....;o)

  2. Awwww - so sweet! What a FABULOUS costume! I love it! Charlie Brown is awesome!


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