Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pigeon's First Words

Many months passed. Amongst his many accomplishments, Pigeon had started to put names to the things in his world. He spoke first with his hands, and then with his lips. It began, as usual, with Mama and Dada, but then came banana (he ate one every day). Then Nana, for the sweet gray-haired lady whose name sounded like his favorite food. He could say book, but preferred to spread his hands in sign when he wanted to read. Ball was an early favorite. Before long, he learned truck (the sound of one woke him each morning), followed quickly by duck and dog (both of which he spied in the yard or on the pond every day). Where he learned clock was a bit of mystery, since Mother and Father didn't seem to own any of those, but Pigeon pointed at just about anything round and vertically hung and pronounced it to be one.

Pigeon with his 'baby'
Other words and half-words were popping up daily. Mother's favorite addition to Pigeon's new vocabulary, though, was love. She'd never heard a child so young say it, and with such sweet enthusiasm or easy understanding.


  1. I totally insist on a video of him saying love. How adorable!

  2. Oh those first words are simply precious. This posting made my heart happy! Thanks for sharing.


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