Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pigeon at Play

There were many afternoons lately when Mother looked around and realized she might never become the person she'd always imagined herself to be. She sank into the thought like an uncomfortable chair, avoiding its sharp edges and sticky corners. Sometimes it made her sad. But then she looked at Pigeon and thought that it would be alright, if she could teach him to be less afraid, and not to wait for someday.

Pigeon was good at enjoying today. He seemed to believe that such days existed for that purpose only. He smiled all day long. He laughed a lot. He ate (bananas), he drank (milk), and was indeed very merry (with the chairs and the curtains).

It was fun to watch.

And Pigeon liked to be watched, and to be laughed with. His smile was an open invitation that Mother always tried to take.

She had thought she would give him the world to enjoy. That was silly. He already had that.

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