Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pigeon Sleeps

Mother watched Pigeon sleep and wondered at his peacefulness. The long lashes, the rosy cheeks, and the eyelids like crocus petals with their lavender shine--these things, plus the occasional contented smile and sigh, spoke to his health and happiness, and for these she was grateful. Pigeon's pudgy fingers, as usual, lay close to Mother's chest, clutching at her shirt collar and grazing her skin with his knuckles. Sometimes when he slept Pigeon would slip his hand under the fabric and rest his palm on the soft place between her shoulder and collar bone. She didn't mind that he wanted to know she was there, that it made him feel safe and secure in the world. It was one of the simpler gifts she could give him, free for the taking while it was wanted and needed.

With these sorts of habits for Pigeon's naps, Mother had less time to get things done in the day. But she supposed the sweetness would run out in time, as Pigeon learned to run about on his feet and run a life of his own away from her side; so, it wasn't bad to enjoy what she had of it now. When Pigeon did finally fly away, she knew she'd be proud and happy and sad. She would, when it happened, remember this-- the sound of his breath and the feel of his heart, the little fingers grasping to be sure she was there. She hoped by then he'd know without doubts that no matter how far away he went, or she went, her love would always be there for him.


  1. oh Jen, I am so happy to tell you that even after they have found their feet, they still figure out ways to make sure you are there...
    they know when you bring them a favorite treat after school...just because...they know when you read them a story...just because...and, even at 7 years old, and over 4 feet tall, they still occasionally need the same rocker you first felt them in! what's even more wonderful--they start to return the sweetness! and that's even better!

  2. Oh yes, do cherish these moments. They grow up so fast!

  3. *Sigh* This so hit home for me. My oldest will leave for college next year and more now than ever, I remember how he used to hold up his little arms and say "hold you" when he wanted a snuggle. There is something so very bittersweet in being a parent. Enjoy these moments!

  4. i could use a baby snuggle right now!!

  5. Melissa-it'd be hard not to be sweet with such subject material, I'm not gonna lie ;)

    Thanks all for the comments; good to know this is a more or less one of those universal mom-feeling (most of which, it seems, are bitter-sweet indeed). Happy weekend to all!

  6. these memories are going to be so sweet for you and your pigeon. :) thanks for sharing them with us, too.


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